You can find all your beauty needs in one place. Lina has a variety of luxury makeup and hair services, whether your perfect look is modern, hip glamour or simple elegance, we will leave you feeling like a glowing bride on your special day. Leave the beauty part to us and let our team and decades of experience work for you!

Allow me to customize the perfect look for your joyful occasion, whether it’s a small or large party.  Our job is to get you done on time feeling and looking fabulous when all eyes are on you.


Coronavirus Sanitation Protocol

  • Each artist will wash her hands prior to working on clients.
  • Each client will have her own separately wrapped set of brushes. These brushes would have been cleaned and sanitized prior to the event.
  • Six feet between each client.
  • No one is to roam around the artist’s stations if they aren’t getting any service.
  • Service will not be performed on anyone who is having a temperature, coughing and or sneezing unless it is allergies.  
  • Makeup station should be separate from the hair station; i.e. makeup will be applied in a separate room.  
  • Bathrooms are not to be used for services.
  • I would recommend that each client bring her own unopened mascara. I like L’oreal Lash Paradise waterproof mascara. We always use disposable mascara wands if the client doesn’t wish to bring her own. Any opened mascara will not be used.
  • We will not use anyone’s makeup, including lashes, unless it is discussed with Lina first.
  • We will sanitize our stations in between clients so that would add more time per person.
  • We will have a bin for used brushes.
  • We would like to have the ventilation behind us if possible.
  • We will be using 70% alcohol to sanitize our palettes. No one is to use 90% on any product as it evaporates faster with higher alcohol content.
  • We will use silicone hand covering when applying foundation.
  • Everyone will be wearing a level 3 mask with 3 layers including the clients.
  • Limited chatting will be done between artist and clients.
  • Use UV light to sanitize brushes.