1. I am on a very tight budget, can I have a friend or relative do my makeup?

The only thing that you will have in your possession after your big day is your photographs. You want to look at these photographs later on and say, “Wow, I really looked fantastic that day.” You will be in a haze on your wedding day and won’t remember much of anything. Skim on a lot of things but not your hair and makeup. Plus, when you have a friend or relative do your makeup, you may feel embarrassed to tell him/her that you don’t like it and may jeopardize your relationship.

  1. OK, I won’t use my friend/relative, but there are so many artists/makeup enthusiast to choose from.

Most young and up and coming “Instagram makeup influencers” don’t have enough experience and can only do their own makeup but not others. Most haven’t even been in the business long enough to practice hygiene protocols when applying makeup. Bridal makeup needs to be timeless not trendy. They also approach each client the same way; no customization.

A seasoned makeup artist would know the questions to ask the bride to be such as: is it an indoor or outdoor wedding? Are you changing your hair color? Will you be getting a tan? The makeup artist needs to be a good listener in addition to figuring out the “right” look for the bride. You need an artist that is experienced with timelines, photographers and the occasional “crazy” family member.

Look for “certified makeup artists” and check their websites/FaceBook pages or contact them to send you photos of their work. Makeup artists will be more diverse in different types of makeup and skin tones.

  1. Why should I book an experienced HMUA?

As an experienced HMUA, I can handle all skin or hair issues. I also know what works best with photography and flash i.e. not a lot of highlight, appropriate foundation etc.

  1. Do I need to have a trial? How long does the trial take?

I highly recommend having a trial as we get to experiment with colors (for makeup) and hair styles. Please allow enough time for your trial as I spend 2 hours on makeup trial and 1-2 hours on hair depending on the style. I will be discussing your needs and taking notes. It is a chance for us to know each other and connect.

  1. How do you keep your brushes/tools clean?

A good and certified makeup artist has gone through some kind of training to understand the harm of transmitting germs and bacteria. I am obsessed with cleaning my tools. During a makeup session, I use a fast drying brush cleaner. I use spatulas to scrape out creams and disposable wands for every layer of mascara. After each session, I use shampoo to clean my brushes.

Check the home page for my Coronavirus Sanitation Procedure.

  1. How long does the makeup take on the wedding day?

I like to take my time with the bride and don’t like to feel rushed. With that being said, it won’t take more than an hour for the bride and 30-45 for each bridal party member. If the bride or any of her bridal party requests fake lashes, additional time is required making sure that they are stuck on your eyelids correctly without the bothersome glue irritating the eyes.

  1. I heard of airbrush makeup, what is your opinion on it?

I don’t recommend airbrush for weddings as the sole makeup. Airbrush sits outside the surface of your skin. It is good for a photo shoot; a couple of hours max. The HD technique I use rivals airbrushing as I push it into your skin making your face look like you aren’t wearing makeup at all. I would apply airbrush makeup AFTER I do the HD makeup if requested.

  1. What is the best makeup?

I get asked this question all the time especially from those who don’t wear makeup. I ask them, are you referring to eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, etc.? The majority answer: Foundation. I tell everyone that the best makeup is SKIN CARE. If you take care of your skin by keeping it hydrated, clean and moisturized any foundation you choose would look awesome. I use RCMA which is professional cream foundation that I can customize to the clients’ request as far as the type of coverage: light, medium, and full. It is plant based and doesn’t clog your pores.

  1. What is your background/training?

I have been a makeup enthusiast since I was really young. I got my certificate in makeup artistry in 2015 and in advanced makeup artistry in 2016. I’m always trying to learn new techniques and color options to enhance my knowledge and experience.

  1. How soon do I need to book your services? Do you travel?

As soon as you possibly can. Once you book your photographer, you should book your hair and makeup artist as you want to look your best in photos. It is ideal to book me a year in advance to schedule the consult and hold down your wedding date. Don’t wait to the last minute to book me. Find out all the costs beforehand. I don’t usually charge within 50 miles of my zip code (20602).

Wedding season starts in March and ends in November. I usually get booked a year in advance in the following months: June, September, October and November.

  1. I will be eating and drinking during my wedding. What should I do if my lipstick/lip gloss wears off?

I always highly recommend that the bride purchase the lipstick and lip gloss I use at her trial. I will order them prior to your wedding. I am also available for a day rate on your wedding so please make sure you book me for the entire day.

  1. How do I avoid my makeup from running in case I started to cry?

Rule #1: Have a tissue handy

Rule #2: Never Rub-Always dab.

Rule #3: Try not to let the tears run down your cheeks. Stop them at the corner of your eyes by stooping over and dabbing with a tissue.

  1. What is your process?

I start by getting to know my clients and their needs preferably by chatting with them. During the chat, I ask the following questions:

  • What is the size of your bridal party?
  • Who is getting what service?
  • What’s your dream makeup look? Please send me an inspirational picture but it is not needed. Please keep in mind that pictures on Pinterest are photoshopped.
  • What are the hair styles you want for you and each of your bridal party? Please send me an inspirational picture. Please keep in mind that most of the models on Pinterest are wearing extensions.
  • Do you plan on adding extensions? If yes, please make sure that they match your hair color and can take high heat. 
  • What is the “done by” time?
  • Are you doing “first look?”

After the chat, we book a date to have the trial(s). At the end of the trial, clients sign their contract and pay the retainer so I can block the day for them.

I am very organized and send a schedule to the bride about a week to ten days before the big day so we agree on who is sitting in my chair at what time and getting what service. This way we all know the timeline and not run into an issue of being late. I ask the bride if she wants to make any changes a few days before the big day.